Charlie Horse Farm Excavating
Charlie Horse Farm Excavating

Charlie Horse Farm Excavating

Charlie Horse Farm Excavating

Charlie Horse Farm Excavating (& Horse Boarding) Services, Catlett, Va

Thank you for visiting the Charlie Horse Farm Excavating Services web page. A little bit about the excavating service:

We established our business in Catlett, Va in Fauquier County in May of 2005. We can fit most home-owner or small businesses' needs for clearing land.

The owner, George W. Wright, III., has been operating heavy equipment since 1982 and loves this type of work, so decided to set out on his own and establish a service for friends, family and we always welcome new clients.

We are trademark registered and licensed in the state of Virginia and it is the sole responsibility of all our clients to ensure they have their own permits for land clearning - we are not held responsible and suggest that you, as the land owner, check with your county office for appropriate permits.

To contact us please call George directly at 540-878-8027 and you may also call 240-393-7729 to make appointments for surveys.

All initial surveys of your land is FREE. Delivery of equipment to clear the land generally costs $500.00 and is paid for by the customer. There is no fee to move the equipment to another site.

The average cost to clear land varies. Some companies charge as much as $3,500 an acre and even more depending on how much you need to have cleared and what you want to do with the debris. We help you pile and burn or we bury the debris for you vice having it hauled away (another costly expense). Other companies charge by the hour, in excess of $170 to $250 an hour vice by the acre to clear.

Our charges are very simple... we charge $120.00 an hour to clear land (that includes our fuel costs and other charges needed to run equipment including labor). Again, just $120.00 an hour.

Let Charlie Horse Excavating Services help you clear your land. No job is too small, no job is too big. We very much welcome your business.

A little bit about the horse boarding services. We board horses on our 10-acre horse farm in Fauquier County. It is full-board and we currently have two stalls available (as of Dec 07).

Our barn is recently painted barn red trimmed in white and black, has nice new stall mats in each stall, stalls are 11 x 11 with fly spray and for winter, heated buckets. We have a new 100 x 250 riding arena being built - to be completed in Dec 07. We have a separate secured tack room for your saddle, and a separate feed room convenient to your horse's stall. We go on trail rides and team penning, and you are always welcome to join us. You can park your horse trailer on our property for free.

Boarding prices as of Dec 07 are $175 per horse (minis and ponies are a little less expensive). The price is negotiable - depending on the terms (grain, hay, vet, farrier, wormer, etc...). If you want to keep your horse in a safe and convenient environment, send us an email.

Our first piece of equipment!

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