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Econfina Stables
Welcome to Econfina Stables. We are proud to offer an exceptional equine setting, and believe that our years of experience and love for horses and people give us an advantage in providing the comfort, security, safety and adventure that clients expect from a quality boarding facility.
Econfina Stables is a full service boarding facility located 20 miles North of Panama City Florida in the beautiful Econfina Creek area. We provide the best professional care available with a special attention to each horse and its specific needs. Our goal is to provide excellent care and peace of mind for both the horse and the horse owner. At Econfina Stables we want you to enjoy the time you have with your horse and let us take care of all the "dirty work". All board is full board where each horse is given excellent care. Whether you have time to ride every day, or can only come out during your days off from a hard week, we want our facility to be a refuge where you can enjoy your horse in a setting that is hospitable and comfortable.

Our facility is located on 20 acres with a 14 stall barn that is situated on a private dirt road surrounded by miles of dirt roads and open trails. We have a 60 ft round pen with aluminum safety panels and a 100 x 220 fenced riding arena that includes a regulation sized large dressage arena. The facility is fully fenced for the safety of you and your horses at all times.

Please see our boarding page for more details and rates. Contact us for an appointment to see Econfina Stables.

Econfina Stables • 6400 Buford King Ln • Youngstown, FL • 32466 • 850.722.7972

All board at Econfina Stables is full board. There is no pasture or partial board available at this time. At this time, no stallions are permitted.

Our Full board Rate of $350.00/month includes the following:

Each horse has its own 12 x 12 stall, built with the utmost in strength, safety and airflow. All stalls are 2x8 double walled construction with 1.5 inch spaces between boards to allow airflow through all stalls. All stalls include a large 5 gallon bucket with automatic watering system that is cleaned daily.

Horses are fed twice a day, taking into consideration their unique dietary needs. Up to 7lbs per day of Nutrena 12 percent complete pellets are included in the price. (This is a little over 2 standard scoops per day) We also include a dose of Vita Plus (Farnam complete vitamin & mineral supplement), Simplifly feed through fly control and up to 1/4 a cup of human quality corn oil at no extra charge. Horses are stalled during this time to allow for all horses to eat their full meals. After eating, the horses are typically turned out to pasture unless special circumstances or weather require a horse to be stalled. In the event that time of year or continued drought causes low pasture quality, horses will have free choice access to horse quality Bahia hay.

Other supplements or hays of your choice can be fed for an extra fee to be determined by the service required.

All horses are turned out every day unless specified by a veterinarian or trainer to need stalling for health purposes only. This facility will not allow healthy horses to be kept in a stall for extended periods of time as it is our philosophy that this contributes to both poor mental and physical health of the horse. Horses will be turned out in one of our three available pastures based on sex, temperament, and age. Each pasture includes a large 100 gallon water tank with automatic water valve to ensure fresh water at all times. Water troughs are scrubbed out weekly to ensure cleanliness.
Each horse's board will include a heavy duty saddle rack with blanket bar, a 18 in x 18 in x 42 in tack locker, a bridle rack, a helmet hook and a halter rack (located just outside the stall door) Extra space can be rented for a fee when available.
Other services such as daily grooming or blanketing are available for an extra fee if arranged in advance

BARN Health Requirements

All horses are required to have their hooves trimmed or otherwise treated by a farrier a minimum of every 8 weeks. The barn will have a farrier available to trim your horses every 6 weeks and can arrange service for you at your request. No farrier services are included in the boarding fees but can be provided if arranged for in advance. All individual farrier service fees will be added to your monthly boarding bill. A $10 holding fee will be added if you are not available to hold your horse for the farrier when farrier services are rendered. Your personal farrier is always welcomed at our stable.
All horses are required to be wormed on a traditional rotating schedule of every 8 weeks as provided by the barn manager. Our facility has decided not to use a daily dewormer as recent studies have shown this may not be as effective as a more rotated form of wormers throughout the year. Boarders may provide and perform their own worming so long as they follow a recommended schedule that matches that of the barn. Econfina Stables will be happy to worm your horse using our chosen brands of wormers on our specified schedule and can add these charges to your monthly boarding bill upon advanced request of these services. It is our policy to use on feed wormers whenever possible to lessen the stress of worming and to better ensure that the full dose is received by the horse. Some examples of the on feed wormers we use are IverEase, and Equibits.
All horses must keep the following vaccinations and tests up to date:
Tetanus Booster (Annually)
Rhinopneumonitis Booster (Annually)
Eastern and Western Equine Encephalitis Booster (Annually)
Equine Influenza (Annually)
West Nile (Bi-Annually, unless current protocol or outbreak suggests a more stringent schedule)
Coggins Test (Annually)
Strangles (Annually - only required in horses taken off premises for any reason, i.e. shows, off area trail rides, etc.)

Econfina Stables is happy to arrange for the vet services to have your horses vaccines and tests kept up to date. Vet services will be scheduled well in advance to allow all boarders to provide notice of their desire to have the stable take care of arranging these services for them All vet services will be totaled individually for each horse by the veterinarian of the boarder to take care of on the date services are rendered. Horses can be held for the owners for a service fee in the event an owner is not able to attend the veterinary visit. All vet bills must be settled with the barn within 3 business days of services rendered. Records of all veterinary services including worming, vaccines, tests and treatments must be maintained with Econfina Stables to ensure the highest possible care in the event of an emergency. Your personal veterinarian or other equine health care specialist is always welcomed at our stable.

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