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Ferrell Hollow Farms
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Ferrell Hollow Farms

Ferrell Hollow Farm

Welcome to Ferrell Hollow Farm.
We are located on 70 peaceful acres, among the rolling hills of Middle Tennessee. Our farm is on the border of Rutherford & Cannon counties.

Ferrell Hollow Farm is owned and operated by Cindy & Alan Daigre. We live on-site and are able to provide 24-hour care for all of your equine's needs.

There are several large pastures with safe fencing, lots of shade and run-in shelters.

Horses are checked over daily to ensure that they are happy, healthy and free from injuries.

We have 30 years of experience with horses, 10 years specifically with Senior and Special Needs Horses. For more on our Qualifications, Skills, and Experience, click here.

For additional information
call 615-409-6071
or send an eMail to

Retirement Care — You can rest comfortably
knowing that your horse is “out to pasture”
in a peaceful setting.
Senior Care — Your old friend will be able to
spend the rest of his/her days receiving lots
of TLC at Ferrell Hollow Farm.

Cindy Daigre has been providing nutritional and special needs consulting services for senior equine owners since 2000. She owns and operates Ferrell Hollow Farm, a specialized boarding facility for senior, retired horses located on 70 acres in the peaceful hills of MiddleTennessee.


Consultations focus on the unique nutritional challenges specific to senior horses. Proper nutrition affects nearly every aspect of the senior’s quality of life and can differ greatly from horse to horse.


$50 per hour conducted by phone and/or via email. Checks and Money Orders are accepted.

Who benefits from nutritional consults?

Nutritional consults are especially beneficial for those caring for older horses that

have difficulty maintaining a healthy weight;
are dentally challenged; or
have Cushings Disease

If you are unable to board your senior horse with a specialized facility, a customized nutritional consult will be very helpful as you establish a healthy continuum of care for your retired horse.

Very specific information about your horse and his/her current nutritional program will be needed for an effective consultation. Once you sign up for a consult, Ferrell Hollow Farm will send you an intake form for you to provide the information and set up a time for the initial consult.

2008 Boarding Information

Ferrell Hollow Farm specializes in Full Pasture Boarding for Senior, Special Needs horses. Horses here spend all of their time outdoors and have access to Run-In Sheds. The horses are kept in small groups to ensure quality individual care for all. They are separated in the sheds while fed to ensure that every horse eats their own ration. Farm Owners live on site. The Farm will provide a minimum of monthly updates and periodic photos to the horse owner via email.

Entrance Qualifications

Horses must be permanently retired from riding and a minimum of 20 years of age to qualify for residing at the Farm.

Special Needs

The Farm has the ability to work with any of the following conditions:

Arthritis, Navicular, Dentally Challenged, Thin, Poor Condition, Cushings,

Insulin Resistance

Stall Rate

Should a horse need a stall due to injury, rest, lameness or otherwise determined by Farm or veterinarian, the owner will be billed at the Farm’s rate of per day usage.

Facility Usage

Ferrell Hollow Farm is a retirement facility and to maintain the quiet, peaceful setting no horseback riding is permitted on the grounds.

Visitation Policy

Owners are allowed to visit their horses once a month if they wish. The Farm must be contacted at least a day in advance to make arrangements. Owners are not allowed to disrupt the Farm’s routine feeding schedule by visiting at feeding times. Horses must remain in their designated fields. Supply rooms and shed stalls must be left as they were found, so sweeping and raking up after grooming the horse is mandatory.

Horses will be wormed every 2 months by the Farm.


Horses will be trimmed/shod on the Farm’s farrier schedule. No hind shoes are permitted.


Horses will need to be current on the following before admission to the Farm is permissible: Owner will be responsible for these costs:

Negative Coggins Test, Tetanus, Flu, Rhino, Rabies,
E/W Encephalitis, West Nile

Dentistry: All horses teeth will need to be checked a minimum of once per year by the Farm’s equine dentist.

Emergency Veterinarian Care

If a horse becomes injured or should require veterinarian care, owner will be responsible and billed for all related costs to include vet bills, medical supplies, and any Farm handling charges.

The Farm will be responsible for scheduling all professional appointments for the horse (Farrier, Vet, Dentist) and the Farm will do all of the handling of the horse for these appointments.

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Ferrell Hollow Farms