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Kirkshire Farm

Sale HorsesKirkshire Farm, LLC

Welcome to Kirkshire Farm, LLC a full service

Hunter/Jumper and Dressage horse boarding and training facility!

Located in Sparta, Michigan on 11954 Sparta Avenue




Kirkshire Farm, LLC offers~

Two of our regions most recognized and sought after professional trainers provide instruction, training rides and the horse care and management for our facility.

A 65' X 154' Cover-All Indoor Arena (endorsed by top horse professionals) offers a quiet and calm environment where sounds are dampened and natural light flows through, where heat is kept in during the winter and natural breezes free-flow during the hotter seasons. In addition, our Cover-All arena is filled with moist sand that keeps arena dust to a bare minimum, a huge plus for horses and riders alike!

Two outdoor riding arenas give our hunter/jumper and dressage riders their own dedicated spaces in which they can exercise their horses and practice their disciplines, as well as compete during sanctioned and home shows.

Beautiful and lush pastures geared toward providing optimal play space and grazing during the all day turnout program.

A safe and freshly decorated farmhouse dedicated to providing a friendly retreat and relaxation center for all members of our riding (and non-riding) clients.

22 12x12 horse stalls, 2 10x10 pony stalls. 8 are brand new! All have thick rubber matting.

A brand new viewer observation room attached to the indoor riding arena giving families and friends the opportunity to safely enjoy watching their riders practice or compete.

A hay barn far removed from the stable, keeping hay dust in the hay barn and away from the horses.

4 patient and athletic school horses and 3 sweet and fun ponies ready to teach our beginner to advanced riders.

Extra-wide aisles giving owners plenty of room to tack up and groom and the horses plenty of room to feel safe and secure.

Stalls cleaned at least once a day.

Top quality hay. ADM grain provided at breakfast and dinner. Supplements given on an individual basis per owner's request.

Safe and highly visible electric Ramm Flex Fencing encloses all the pastures and turn-out areas.

Blankets and fly masks put on and taken off when appropriate.

Indoor board is offered at $390 per month. Training/boarding packages, when purchased together, reduce the board to $350 per month. Outdoor board with run-in shelter is offered on a limited basis at $250 per month.

Special group outings and activities planned on a regular basis for the adult and young riders.

A variety of competitive opportunities for riders of all ages and abilities. Regular fundraisers will help to offset the costs of these events.




Sale HorsesAbout the Trainers
Suzanne Hilton grew up riding on the CFHJA circuit in Florida and at 13 moved to Michigan with her family. She rode as a junior for several years at a local farm and showed on the LEHS, AHSA, and MHJA circuits. When riding as a junior, Suzanne enjoyed showing not only in the hunter classes, but the equitation division and medal classes as well. After her junior years she became a professional instructor teaching Hunter/Jumper to riders of all ages and levels. She is fully prepared and able to take riders from schooling show competitions to the A circuit. She believes that riding should not only be fun, but a good way for people to learn about horsemanship, sportsmanship and teamwork that all come with riding. In addition to being our full-time H/J trainer, Suzanne is co-owner of Kirkshire Farm, LLC.

Lisa Knapp has been a teacher for over 20 years. Lisa holds a degree in Early Childhood Education, and she particularly enjoys teaching the children who come to our program. Under her guidance, the children learn the basics in grooming, leading, handling, saddling up and riding. Flatwork and basic jumping are also taught with an emphasis on safety, self-confidence and balanced riding skills. Focus is on riding for fun and recreation as well as an opportunity for competitions. Lisa is our full-time dressage instructor who enjoys taking her students to schooling and ADA sponsored competitions.

Special Ladies Day training and Kirkshire Farm Riding Team events are part of our weekly schedule. All riders from beginning to advanced abilities are welcome to join in on these programs, and more, at Kirkshire Farm, LLC
Our trainers also offer training rides on clients horses, in addition to their typical lesson package. All boarders who take lessons with one of our trainers receive a board discount for their horse. Suzanne and Lisa also work with project horses, and seasoned horses, to get them to their next level of ability.

Contact Suzanne Hilton at 616-862-9300 or for more information.

Sale HorsesRiding TeamSave your stuff! The Spring Rummage Sale will be here before you know it! Get your goodies in a box and keep them in a safe spot or bring them to the upstairs room in the farm house for storage. More info. coming soon!
Contact Lisa Vesh at to sign up for fund raisers.
Check your cubbies and the signs scattered around the barn!

Sale HorsesTestimonialsThe farm house on the property is a great place for everyone to just relax and chill. Misty

All my life I wanted to ride. And now I do, thanks to the folks at Kirkshire Farm.
I love the fact that everything is so new and fresh! MikeKirkshire has the best ponies in the world! BB

I love it at Kirkshire Farm because the trainers make me feel comfortable and safe- two pluses for an 'older' rider like me! Jan

The fundraisers Kirkshire sponsors for their riding team makes it possible for my child to enjoy the competition season without worrying about where she'll get the money to pay for it. What a big help in today's economy. LV

Suzanne is the best! She is so much fun and a wonderful teacher who has helped me achieve my riding goals. Emily

Thanks Lisa and Suzanne! You make Kirkshire a warm and welcoming place for all of us- the riders, the parents, the siblings and the spouses! Keep up the good work!

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