Majestic Park Stables
Majestic Park Stables

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Majestic Park Stables

Majestic Park Stables
Full Service Horse Boarding Facility with Beautiful Pasture, Rolling Hills and Miles of Trails......

Large Barn with indoor/outdoor stalls, Secure tack room with racks and bins, Individual hay and grain storage, Round pens, riding arena, Separate turnout lots and paddocks,  Trailer parking and storage, Pasture horses rotated for optimum grazing, Natural horsemanship training, Riding lessons for children and adults with horses provided even for the smallest of riders! Call or email for more details or make an appointment to see our family oriented and affordable facility for your equine friend to live and play.
  Happy Trails!!

Pasture Board: 100 spring-fall/125 winter (hay provided)
Full Care Stall: 200
All Inclusive: 275

Majestic Park Stables
Pleasant Hill, Mo

Full care horse boarding facility. 80 acres of beautiful
> pasture, large stalls, riding arena, training pens, private tack rooms,
> trails and lounge. Grain 2x daily, hay provided to pasture horses in
> winter, daily turnout of stall horses and much more! Excellent, quality
> care. Call for details. 816-739-6564

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Majestic Park Stables