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Welcome to SC Stables!

Horses are our passion! We love everything about them, even the work involved in giving them a good home and their owners peace-of-mind. And we sincerely believe happy, healthy horses are much better able to love us in return. This philosophy guides our business. We know our clients want a relaxed, pleasant atmosphere that relieves stress, encourages exchange of ideas and builds a cohesive community. These things are what having horses is all about: enjoying your horse in the company of other people who are enjoying their horses and knowing your horses are being properly taken care of when you can't be with them.

To these ends, we at SC Stables strive to provide a healthy environment for the horses and a casual, lightly-structured environment for the humans. We encourage total family involvement. We stress safety, safety, safety! We offer boarding programs that support those Owners who want to take a more active hand in their horses' care. We also work hard to support those Owners whose responsibilities restrict the time they get to spend with their horses.

So, take a look around our site, or even come visit us at the barn. We love to have you! And you don't have to dress up for us; boots and jeans are the preferred attire. We'll give you the grand tour and show you the condition and happiness of our horses.

Nothing else could tell you better how we put our passion for horses into action. I hope you'll take the time to explore our site and find out a little more about what we have to offer.

If you decide our facility could be the right place for you and your horse(s), please contact us for a visit. I'd love to introduce you to our SC Stables family.
About Us


It all started with a horse named El Glaoui (Al Marah Radames x Adastra). Glaoui had been leased to the Kistner family of Flying C Arabians, Nye Montana. Danielle, who had just graduated from the Stephens College Equestrian Program in Columbia, Missouri, was hired to show the 3-year old Arabian stallion. These were the days when the Arabian horse could and was expected to do it all. El Glaoui was truly the "Versatile Arabian," not only competing, but being successful in all divisions. It came time to return the leased stallion to his owner, Venus Kilmer, of Silver Springs Arabian Ranch in Lusk, Wyoming. Danielle went with him and essentially said, "Here is your horse..and I come with him." It was the start of a long and wonderful friendship. When Fred graduated from Veterinary School at Colorado State University, he, Danielle, and El Glaoui returned to Billings, Montana, Danielle's hometown and Sacrifice Cliff Stables came into being.


El Glaoui (Al Marah Radames x Adastra)

Over the years mares (mostly Crabbet) were acquired and bred and foals filled the pastures. The Schmidt children were an integral part of the operation. Son, Guy preferred to ride bareback in the pastures - the faster, the better. His younger sister, Kymry at age 6, announced that she wanted to "show those horses." So- she did and still is "showing those horses." Kymry has shown her various horses to numerous Regional and National titles. She now manages the boarding aspect of SC Stables. Danielle and Kymry are active members of the horse community, holding offices in Montana Arabian Horse Association. They are also involved in the American Horse Show Association, International Arabian Association, and the International Side-Saddle Association. Danielle has been instrumental in the planning and operation of many of the area horse shows.

If you desire and demand excellent, worry-free care from a boarding stable for your horse, we invite you to consider SC Stables. Our boarding stable is located in Billings, in beautiful Yellowstone County, Southern Montana. A small boarding stable such as ours is able to offer personalized attention to our boarders and their owners. For the past thirty years we have provided a clean, safe and friendly environment for the discriminating horse owner.

All Breeds and Disciplines are Welcome.

Ladies Night Horseback Riding

Sc Stables hosts a Monday night Ladies Group for their clients. Each week there is a different theme and horse activity. Each participant brings food to correspond with the theme and if appropriate dress accordingly. On "Olympics Night" we had riders dressed as gymnasts, etc. "Derby Day Night" brought out the big hats and lots of "Southern Comfort Food."

The horse activity varies from a pasture trail course to be ridden individually or in pairs, a mini-clinic presented by a guest clinician, introduction to varied disciplines, etc.

It is all about us enjoying our horses, fun, food, and friendship.


Yellowstone Downs - August 31, 2008

on Sunday, August 31, 2008 at the Yellowstone Downs horse racing in Billings at the Metra, the Montana Arabian Horse Association club will be again making a presentation to the horse racing crowd celebrating the Arabian Horse and the 60th anniversary Diamond Jubilee of our club. This year will be expanded with more horses and more information announced. Several riders from SC stables will be participating.

Mark it on your calendars now and, hope you can all attend.

Barn Rules

BARN HOURS: 8 A.M. to 8 P.M. or by appointment;
No dogs;

No alcoholic drinks;

Smoking is only allowed on the porch area and cigarette butts need to be disposed of in the approved container on the porch;


Minors dropped off for lessons, etc., must be accompanied unless specific arrangements have been made with management
No running, yelling or boisterous play in the barn area, especially when horses are present;

Hard hats with chin straps in place are required for all jumping and anyone riding that is under 18 years of age. There are NO exceptions;

Horses are not to be mounted or ridden on the cement area in front of the barn at any time;

Monthly boarders are welcome to visit, ride, or pick-up and deliver a horse during these times and may ride during open riding times, use the arena, round pen, wash racks, tack areas, laundry facilities, and restrooms;
If you are taking your horse for a trial ride on the property, for the weekend, or overnight please leave a note with the return date/time for the management on the whiteboard;
We must have a signed release from anyone taking a lesson or riding at SC Stables. This includes any friend you might have come ride with you. Only the parents or legal guardians may sign a release for a minor visiting the stable.
All motor vehicles must be parked only in designated parking area;

BOARDERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE BEHAVIOR AND SAFETY OF THEIR GUESTS. All Guests who will be riding must sign a Liability Waiver prior to mounting. Guests are not allowed on the premises without being accompanied by a Boarder;

YOUR HORSE'S BEHAVIOR IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. If you cannot control your horse during your visits or Management deems your horse unsafe for Staff to handle, you will be asked to put your horse under the care of a trainer (at your own expense) or to relocate your horse to another facility;

NO BORROWING OF ANYONE ELSE'S EQUIPMENT. We will not be responsible for or mediate disputes regarding misplaced/stolen/broken equipment;


If you muck your horse's stall, empty the wheelbarrow in the designated area and put both wheelbarrow and rake away;

For the safety of all our horses, rear shoes are not allowed. If your horse requires them for a specific event, please notify management.

All boarders and guests are expected to clean up all litter, manure, loose hay, and other refuse around their working area, horse trailer, and vehicles. Please dispose of it properly. Buckets and garbage cans are available for this purpose.
Please keep your tack area clean and tidy at all times. Please keep the tack door locked when you leave the area. Only one saddle per boarded horse and one equipment box per Boarder will be allowed in the tack room.
Please do not feed your horses extra hay or grain. If you feel there needs to be a change in your horse's diet please speak with the barn manager. Staff, not clients, adds sawdust to stalls on a daily basis.
Please make sure the indoor arena lights are shut off after the last user and remove any training obstacles used during your ride
Please do not allow unfamiliar horses nose each other over the paddocks as you lead or ride by. The chance that a horse might bite, paw, or hurt itself is great. It is also a way to spread illness. No one wants their horse hurt or their riding program interrupted by an unnecessary illness or injury.
Any equipment left in the common areas will be put in the lost and found box;

CLEAN UP AFTER YOUR HORSE if (s)he soils any of the common areas;


DO NOT TIE horses to unhitched trailers, fences, stall bars, or blanket racks, even if you think your horse will not pull back.
Only one saddle per boarded horse and one equipment box per Boarder will be allowed in the tack room;

All horses should have their halter and lead rope hanging on their stalls for quick access during emergencies;


Shoes must be worn at all times while on barn premises. Close-toed shoes or boots are required if you are handling or riding a horse;

Boarders are not allowed access to the shavings - horses will be provided with shavings at Management's discretion. If you feel your horse's stall needs additional shavings, please address this to Management;

PLEASE NOTIFY MANAGEMENT IMMEDIATELY OF ANY ACCIDENTS OR INJURIES involving either humans or horses. Any unreported incidents will be the responsibility of the Boarder;

Permission from Management is required for any non-boarded horses to be present on the barn premises;

Please observe 5 MPH speed limit around barn and please park in designated areas only.
If you are going to be at the barn past 8:00 PM, please notify Management;

Please use common sense and courtesy at all times. Let's work together to keep SC Stables a place where we enjoy all types of equestrian activities. Thank you for your consideration of your horse and for other boarders.
Contact Us
If you have any questions regarding our rates and services, please contact us by calling or e-mailing us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you.

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SC Stables
2701 US Highway 312
Billings, MT 59105-4505

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