Shady Rest Acres Horse Farm
Shady Rest Acres Horse Farm

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Shady Rest Acres Horse Farm
Shady Rest Acres Horse Farm

Welcome Friends,
We are a full-service horse boarding facility, specializing in old fashioned love and care for horses. We have taken the original homestead cabin of Shady Rest Acres and bought it back to life complete with tack room,boarders' lounge,stalls and feed room. Please explore this site to learn more. Call or email us to learn more about our boarding services. Thank you for visiting us.

We were founded in the summer of 2007 by Ken and Karen Dobson along with the help of Horse Trainer Jennifer Allen. Ken Dobson has had horses all his life, had a love for the outdoors and perserving the ole' way of living. Along with Ken, his wife Karen also appreciates the beauty of the horse and keeping life simple and happy.

Jennifer Allen has been a horse trainer for 15 yrs and around them all her life. She is a John Lyons certified trainer and won several barrell-racing competitions during the 90's. Her love of old fashioned country things bought life back to Shady Rest.

We are the type of farm that does the "'lil things" like fly spraying, blanketing in winter months, applying ointment, deworming, giving treats for a job well done.....all for FREE!!!!

Here owners can feel at ease when they drive out of the farm gate knowing their horse is in good hands. Hands that work the farm to make it better, hands that feed their horses, and hands that when you shake them we make a promise to give your horse the best care possible. Come experience the old fashoined way of life again. Bring a horse, bring a friend, we make sure that ALL FIT IN!!!!!!!

Full stall board $275.00/monthly
(includes a 13x10 stall w/fan, grain 2x daily(provided by us), dewormed bi-monthly(free), lunged for 15min. 1x weekly(free), bathed, groomed and fly sprayed weekly(free), fresh shavings and clean water in stalls, blanketed for free during winters,sufficient amount of high quality hay given)
-"Full-Service" pasture board $195.00
(includes plush green pastures during early spring-late summer, hay bales given in winters, blanketed for free, lunged for 15mins. 1xweekly, grain 1 or 2x daily(owners' choice), bathed, groomed and fly sprayed weekly for free, and dewormed)

Contact Information:Shady Rest Acres
"Old Fashioned Horse Living"
Stoneybrook Circle
Central,SC 29630

Owners Ken & Karen Dobson

Manager & Trainer: Jennifer Allen

Owners and manager live on-site

Thanks for visiting our site and call us for any details on prices or for directions.
**Golf Cart tours of the farm are available***

****Free holding for vet and ferrier, you do not have to be present just leave a check****


Beginner lessons: 10 for $125.00
Separate lessons: $15.00 each
3x weekly lunging for non-worked horses: $12.00
Riding your horse 2x weekly: $8.00
Trailoring to shows, moving, etc: determined by mileage

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Shady Rest Acres Horse Farm