Sitter Downs
Sitter Downs
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Sitter Downs

Sitter Downs

George, Retha, Bob & Kelly invite you to board your horse(s) with us.
100 acres of pasture; all cross-fenced.
Horses are rotated to a different pasture every 2 to 3 weeks.
Pastures are fertilized yearly.
Rent is the same charge each month.
Tack and grain room available.
We deworm on a regular basis.
Stalls are available for horses that are injured or ill.
Boarding Requirements/Info Needed:

Current Coggins Test
West Nile Virus Vaccine
Have they had their yearly shots?
When was the horse last dewormed?

Please add "Boarding" in the
subject line of your e-mail.

Some of those services Sitter Downs provide are listed below:
General services (spring vaccinations, deworming, eye care, hoof care/abscesses, applying medicine and shots) at a minimal cost to you. All of these services provided by Sitter Downs has saved many folks lots of $$. Doctoring horses that don’t care to have that done to them can be very interesting as well.
Additional services:

Mineral, vitamin supplements, and salt blocks are provided.
All pastures are mowed, dragged, reseeded, sprayed for weeds and fertilized yearly. Horses are rotated every 2-3 weeks.
Winter dry lot. You can put your horse in a dry lot and they can stand in that dry lot every day. Is that healthy for the horse? Our winter dry lot gives the herd room to run. Exercising nature's way, the way it was meant to be. Even some of the old horses will act like young colts rearing, bucking, running and playing. In the spring, it's a dash down the alley way to the pasture!!!!!
Hay. 90% of our hay is stored inside and it is fed differently (hay bunks) – much healthier for the herd. They are not your typical round bale hay feeders. Check out "The Extras" to see our hay bunks. How much hay is wasted and laying in the manure pile? Is your horse picking through this hay? Is the old hay removed? Is it composted? Are the strings taken off of the bales? What quality of hay are they feeding? Is it molded? Molded hay can create heaves.
Social events such as:

Outings to other places to ride (Eagles Ranch, Panther Creek, Pineville, Knobnoster, Shawnee National Forest, Smithville).
Moonlight rides. Many folks have never ridden in the moonlight - a must for all trail riders.

Monthly Board (Current Charge)

Stalls for ill horses
$150.00 (per horse - no discounts)
20.00 late fee added after the 10th
5.00 per day

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Sitter Downs