Skunk River Stables
Skunk River Stables

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Skunk River Stables
Skunk River Stables

Skunk River is a small stable with only 34 horses, many used in our trail riding operation. We do limited stall boarding, specializing in show youth. We have a proven track record in turning out top riders. Board is full care in a stall at $350.00 per month with all riding lessons free of charge. We only take youth serious about learning. There is a limit of one child per boarded horse. No stallions please.

Welcome !
We raise quality paint and quarter show ponies with loads of talent and eye appeal . We always have a few foals on hand each year and sometimes we even have finished show ponies ready for that special partner looking to win in youth classes. Our ponies mature around 13.2 hh, some reach 14hh. All are registered with IQPA or APPR, halter broke and fully vaccinated before going to their new owners. These ponies come in a variety of colors and we are sure you will find one to suit your needs. We use many of our ponies in our commercial trail riding stable. A testament to their durability and good natures.

Mares of Skunk River

A few of the mares you will find at my farm.

Trail Rides


2007 Now Open
Make Your Reservations!

We are using our gorgeous paint horses and ponies for a scenic trail ride lasting 45 minutes to an hour in beautiful southern Iowa. We have a variety of horses to fit anyones riding ability from novice to highly skilled riders. Your enjoyment and safety is our number one priority.
We will NOT be raising our rates in 2007 until September 1st! Prices will STILL be only $15.00 per rider! The lowest rates in the country! We feel our customers should be rewarded for their loyalty by keeping our rates as low as we can for as long as we can! We are a cash only business at this time. That means no checks, credit or debit cards will be accepted. We simply do not have the time to track down bad checks!

What You Need to Know

We do everything we can to insure your safety and enjoyment when you are here. This list is here to help you in that endeavor. When we say ride at your own risk,we mean just that. Even the gentlest horse can hurt you accidentally and Iowa law does spell that out. We do have signs posted stating just that. Do read and understand the signs posted regarding liability. Do read and understand the waiver of liabilty all riders are required to have signed before they can ride. If you do not understand something,ask. If you don't agree, don't ride!

Wear long jeans, no dresses or shorts, Saddles rub!
No sandals, sneakers or clogs please, this includes those very comfy and popular plastic ones!
Do wear a good healed boot or shoe.
You should tie long hair back in a low pony tail as you will be wearing a helmet.
If you are under the age of 18, then yes, you MUST wear a helmet for your own safety and ours! This is not negotiable!
If you are 18 and older, you may sign off on a waiver if you do not want to wear a helmet. ID required if you don't look your age.
Minimum age requirement of ten to ride on the trail rides.
Maximum weight limit of 250 pounds at this time to ride.
Please do not bring your pets to our stable.
Please turn off all cell phone ringers when mounted.
No smoking on trails or in barn area.
No alcohol at any of our functions allowed.
For reasons of safety we do not allow anyone to ride double.

Trail Horses


Bab's is a real sweet little mare and at 14.2 HH the perfect size for most riders. Babs had a filly born April 1st! her name is Foolish girl and she is sired by our black tobiano APPR stallion Ive Got Lotsa Sox! We dont know if she will shed out black or sooty bay like mom. She has two white socks and a blaze! We plan to show her at the first IQPA World Championships tentatively scheduled for 2009.


This cute little black paint mare is Vida, named after my godmother she was to be my guide mount for 2007, but now she is an expectant mother to be! She stands 13.2 HH tall and is a registered APPR pony. Vidas baby is Mousetrap, this colt was foaled 04/28/07. He may be a smoky black or he may be a smoky grullo. Only time will tell!


Free Love is our gentle giant at 16 HH tall and a real favorite among all our guests. He is a registered paint horse and a real babysitter.


Sugar is 14 years old and real sweet. She loves being loved. here she is taking Katy around our front yard.


This is Donna. She is a registered paint mare and came to us from the family that raised her. She was used as a trail horse until the owner, an elderly man had double knee surgery and couldn't ride her anymore. She is 9 years old and loves water.

You'll love the new additions!

We recently purchased a few new horses to add to our string. Both of my guide mounts and one of our trail horses, Babs will be off work raising babies this summer. To replace them we found three great new mounts who will remain with us even after our new mothers wean their foals and return to work. We just posted pics of two of our new additions. Sugar and Donna. We will be adding a picture of Blaze soon.

At this time that gives us four horses for trail rides plus one for me to guide from. when the others return we will have eight available for you to enjoy. We will be adding more horses to the string as we go with a goal of being able to serve groups of up to 20 riders at a time by next spring.



Lady spent her summer as my main guide horse but she is now ready to take riders as a trail mount beginning next season

Hay Rack Rides!

Hay Rack Rides will be available beginning this spring.
While all rides will be tractor pulled at this time we hope to make the switch to draft horse power in the future! Hayracks are $80.00 for up to 12 people and last approximately one hr. each additional person is $8.00 extra.

Evening bonfires in the pond picnic area are free upon request with hayracks. $50.00 without hayrack.

We offer limited stall boarding in our barn. Horses are fed twice a day and turn out is daily weather permitting. We are not a fancy facility but we do offer free lessons to youth stabling in our barn. One child per horse boarded limit is in effect. We have turned out many great riders in the past in a variety of disciplines. Some have even gone on to National and World Championships and to train professionally themsleves.

Amenities include:

lighted outdoor washrack
round pen
Board is a very reasonable $350.00 per month. Lessons for stabling youth are a minimum of 4 hours a week. You do the math. We think you will agree boarding at Skunk River Stables is a bargain if you have a youth wanting to win in the show arena.

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