The Silver Lining, LLC
The Silver Lining, LLC

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The Silver Lining, LLC

The Silver Lining, LLC
The concept of the Silver Lining began years ago as a dream! We wanted a respite. A place to get away from the cares of everyday and simply relax! The Silver Lining is so much more than that now, though. At the Silver Lining we provide top quality equine care and riding instruction in a great relaxing environment!Lessons are good for many reasons:

Proper Equitation
Horsemanship Skills
Showmanship Skills
Discipline and Responsibility
Learning to partner with your horse

No matter what your goals or your purpose for taking lessons, we can help.
The horses at The Silver Lining are the Superstars! And that is how we treat them!
We want to spot light each and every one. Each horse is special and has unique characteristics, qualities, and personalities. Yes, they have personalities. We want to know each horse and give them the care and attention that each of them deserves!

en we designed the Silver Lining, we wanted it to be a pleasure for you to be here. And while we know there is a time and place for getting out in the weather, we wanted you to also have a place to kick back, relax, and feel at home away from home. It's part of what makes the Silver Lining special! When you're here, you will be able to have many of the comforts of home; plus, your horse is here!

The living quarters of the barn are available for renting on a nightly basis. The living quarters features queen sized, pillow top bed, a full bath, full kitchen access, wi-fi, flat-screen television with satellite service.
Please call or email for availability. The price is $79 per night.
e feed is included in the boarding fee we will always keep you abreast of what we are feeding.

We feed the highest qualtiy 12% protein feed. Right now, we are feeding a mixture that keeps our animals sleek, shiny, and in top physical condition. Just look at them!


Lake Country 12% Sweet
Nutrena Pellets 12%
Beet Pulp
Rice Bran

Hay: Alicia/Bermuda
A copy of our Barn Rules and Policies can be obtained by emailing us at or by stopping to see us at 321 West Petros Road in Pearl, MS. We would love to see you!


Stall Lease/ Board
Horse Lease and lease purchase
Purchasing a horse through or from Silver Lining

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The Silver Lining, LLC