What We Wish For Stables
What We Wish For Stables

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What We Wish For Stables

What We Wish For Stables


Is really what everyone involved here has wished for, for many years.

It is a great facility with wonderful experienced horse people, melded together from different backgrounds to make an enjoyable environment for everyone involved.

It is located in beautiful and peaceful Blanch, North Carolina, offering rolling hills and lush pasture. Turn in the driveway and your worries start to wash away.

It is home to a very successful string of APHA and PtHA show horses- turned lesson horses, ready to take you or your child into a lifetime of love of horses.

It is someplace to come with your friends and family to enjoy the animals that we spend so much time and money on, and really have fun.

It is a farm that can help you break into the world of horses, or take you further in your riding career than you had ever wished or hoped for.

It is the barn that offers a nice selection of safe, sound, well trained horses for a reasonable price.

It is where we ask you when you come........what do YOU wish for?


Large 12 x 12, airy, open stalls  40
Ample turn out with pasture and rolling hills 65 acres
Safe storage for your tack and equipment  saddle racks, bridle hooks, trunk storage fully enclosed
All weather riding   200 x 100 indoor arena
A clean horse      Hot water indoor wash rack
Room to Groom    Wide isles with cross ties
Participate in your horses care  Partial care program
Daily TLC and great care for your horse Nothing less than 100%
Nice people to ride and hang out with   Lofted lounge area
Family atmosphere for your kids       3 of our own start the crowd

Spend the day in comfort 

mens' & ladies rooms, fridge                       microwave, shower available

Some things you may not expect but will enjoy as a client of What We Wish for Stables.

Personalized instruction and training from a professional who understands why you and your family ride.

Be a part of a program that teaches safety as well as fun.

Learn to be competitive and successful in the show ring if that is what you strive for.

Complete and professional care for your horse that you entrust to us. Everything is organized for you, including farrier, vet and worming. You are able to enjoy your horse without the stress of being on your own. Help is always available.

We offer a family environment to encourage a love of horses and riding. If you want to go to a breed show in western pleasure, or simply enjoy a leisurely ride w with your spouse once a week, the first thing that we want to know, is What do YOU Wish for?

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What We Wish For Stables